Washi Memo Pad

These cards use the length of the washi paper we sell, and it folds and overlaps (but leaves 1/2″ from the edge).  The top corner is folded back in an angle, and I layered with gold paper to add a dimension to the folded edge. Accent with a mizuhiki half knot….

GALLERY2014022TealMum  GALLERY20140228PanelCards1  GALLERY20140228YellowRedFLower


More cards using the “Japanese lines” technique…

GALLERY20140228FlyingCranes  GALLERY20140228FlyingCraneMizuhikiVertical  GALLERY20140228FlyingCranes2

I’ve collected handmade washi cards made in Japan over the years, and I noticed that most of the cards made used what I coined the straight ‘line’ technique.  Washi in it of itself is so beautiful –  the simple, straight lines (when cutting paper) compliment the detailed, silkscreened designs.  Washi rectangles,  squares of various sizes are layered or laid out on the card, and accented with mizuhiki cords to add dimension. Here’s some tips that helped me put together my own cards….

1. Choose your favorite washi paper. One decorative, and one to use as background paper (i.e. gold, silver, patterned monotones);

2. Use cardstock that matches colors from the washi paper;

3. Accent with mizuhiki cords, peel off stickers to add dimension.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here’s some samples of cards I made using washi and cardstock.Basically I cut rectangles and angled or layered the washi in various ways.  The straight edge of the paper makes the card simple.  And… I made these three cards with on 8 1/2 x 11″ washi paper.  Here’s some more sample using the “Japanese lines” technique…

GALLERY20140228AngleCard  GALLERY20140228BandCard

GALLERY20140228SemiPanelOrange GALLERY20140228SakuraPastelAwabiMusubi

GALLERY20140228PastelSakuratwig  GALLERY20140228PastelSakura1

Basically Basically I cut rectangles and angled or layered the washi in various ways.  The straight edge of the paper makes the card simple.   More samples to follow….hope you like this new but simple technique!

Some of Sally’s samples are up on the Gallery…please check them out!  More samples to come!

5001ChristmasWreath  5008Dress

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Just received some sample peel off stickers in hiragana (one of the  Japanese character sets).  They say ‘arigato’ (thank you) and ‘omedeto’ (congratulations).  The stickers actually have an embossed feel to it.   I’ll be getting some in soon and will load them up onto the website. On this sample,  I used the vertical ‘arigato’ (thank you) as an accent on a card that used one of our Design panel dies….


Love, love, love these handmade cards from Japan….so simple, yet elegant….